Re: Laptops

Subject: Re: Laptops
From: "D. Citron" <dcitron -at- GATE -dot- NET>
Date: Tue, 3 Jan 1995 05:18:33 GMT

Paul MacGyver Carman (paul -dot- carman -at- harris -dot- com) wrote:
: Greetings all!
: Has anyone here used a laptop computer before?
: If so, does this sound even vaguely familiar:
: * On some laptops, there is a key sequence to switch you from
: the LCD panel to an external monitor.
: Do you know what that key sequence is?

In mine, I think it involves the [Fn] key, which is used (in combination
with other keys) to emulate some of the missing keys. (I've never used
it with a monitor.) Have a manual?

: Although the key sequence varies depending on the vendor, anything is
: worth a shot at this point (the laptop I have is a no-name clone).

There's a good chance the clone is a store-branded model made by a major
manufacturer, because building laptops is not as simple as plugging
standard components into a case for a desktop. Everything is proprietary
in laptops. So look inside the case and see if you can find a clue to the
manufacturer. Look in a computer store or in Computer Shopper ads to look
for a familiar-looking case. Then call the manufacturer.

Good luck. And Happy Newt Year!

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