Please Include

Subject: Please Include
From: Steve Fouts <sfouts -at- ELLISON -dot- SC -dot- TI -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 3 Jan 1995 07:57:17 CST

Hi folks! I'm going to inject a little meta-topic in here, if I may. As
you all probably know, many of the readers of this group read this group
on email. If you've taken any TCP/IP courses, you know that email is
kind of the <insert insulting epithet of your choice here> of the Internet
community, something that many routers batch process, hold until off-peak
minutes, or whatever, and others zip through at the next best thing to
the speed of light.

This fact, combined with the somewhat lightning-like tendency of email
to never follow the same path twice (no flames here, I am engaging in
hyperbole to stress a point, which I will get to now) means that you
may get a piece of mail from the list minutes, hours, even DAYS before
I do. You may, in fact, reply to a particular piece, and I may receive
your reply before I ever see the message you are replying to.

The point of all this is, folks, this is not a serial discussion in
my mail box. So when you reply to some minute point in the previous
message, PLEASE include some relevant bit of that discussion so I know
what you are talking about. Otherwise, this group starts to look like
a bag lady convention. Everyone is talking about disjointed bits of
some topic that hasn't even been raised yet.

Thank you, we now return you to your regularly scheduled newsgroup.

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/ ___ __/__\ \ / / _\ Steve Fouts
/___ \| | ___\ | / __\ sfouts -at- ellison -dot- sc -dot- ti -dot- com
/ / \ | \ / \
/_______/__|_______\_/________\ "She understood, as he did, that all writing
was infernally boring and futile, but that it had to be done out of respect
for tradition" --Stanislaw Lem

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