Subject: Asimov
From: "David Blyth @second" <dsb -at- ALSYS -dot- COM>
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 1995 21:50:46 PST

Hi All;

I was quite surprised when several writers recommended Asimov.
Perhaps his style improved with age, as I'm more familiar with
his earlier works.

IMHO, I thought Asimov was verbose, forced, and far too Cute (but
usually informative, which is why I struggled through it anyway).

Also IMHO, Dr. Asimov's worst books occured when too much of his ego
intruded. "My", I sometimes felt Asimov was saying, "look at how
clever I am. Let me rub it in a bit while I preach the wonders of
technology." I felt his Robot stories and novels were the worst
offenders in this category.

Isaac Asimov was concerned about bringing technology to people. He was
intelligent, informative, and a pioneer. I just happen to think that
most of his writing was pretty awful.

David (The Man) Blyth

PS Yes, this is my honest opinion. No, this is not flame bait. Yes,
I've read lots of his work, both fiction and non-fiction. Please
direct all flames to /dev/null, or at least to me personnally.

Technical Writer
Alsys (San Diego)
dsb -at- alsys -dot- com

My opinions are not necessarily those of my employer (but they should be).

Blodo Poa Maximus

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