Re- Cloud? Firewall?

Subject: Re- Cloud? Firewall?
From: Paul Strandlund <Paul -dot- Strandlund -at- X400UX -dot- SASKTEL -dot- SK -dot- CA>
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 1995 09:01:03 -0600

Mail*Link(R) Re: Cloud? Firewall?
>A question
> A colleague recently showed me a page from a conference proceedings and asked
>a question I had no answer to. Maybe you can help us. The excerpt (quoted in
>the proceedings paper for a third source):

> Core Internet--the cloud of computers connected directly to the Internet
> (i.e., not behind a firewall). These can access and deliver all Internet
> services....

>and also:

> Consumer Internet--the cloud of computers connected to the Internet
> through a firewall. These can access all Internet services, but, except
> for mail, cannot supply them.

>Is *cloud* of computers standard computer terminlogy? Does it mean a bunch of
>computers? What is a *firewall* in this context?

I have never heard the term cloud for a group of computers (perhaps herd,
gaggle, or pride would be better 8-) ) but we do use firewall here.

Firewall is used by ITM (information technology management) group to mean
exactly that ... a firewall. Because we work in the telecommunications industry
and are on the leading edge of fibreoptic technology we have information
(supposedly) that is top secret. The firewall is an invisible barrier that
allows us to access the internet but stops the internet from accessing us.

I guess what it could be likened to is a semi-permeable barrier like skin. Your
skin allows water to escape but does not allow water to penetrate (unless
submersed for a lengthy period of time).

I hope this makes sense. I didn't get much sleep last night and I am ready to
fall over (its only 9:00 am). But now I babble.

If you have any questions please write.

Paul (paul.strandlund*

>Thanks for your help

Your welcome 8-)

>Margaret Knox, tech writer/editor
>JHU applied physics Laboratory
>margaret_knox -at- jhuapl -dot- edu

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