Re: Acceptable salary levels

Subject: Re: Acceptable salary levels
From: Marc Santacroce <santa -at- TFS -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 1995 17:23:34 -0800

Well, it's a limited survey. The pamphlet I received is only 11 pages long.
If you'll tell me an area of the country that you are specifically
interested in, I'll be glad to give you the numbers I have.
At 9:26 AM 1/11/95 -0800, Jan Boomsliter wrote:
> STC publishes a salary survey for the US, but I'm having trouble
> getting a copy of any data except the very limited (how limited? it's
> just about useless) summary they sent in a regular mailing.

>I'd appreciate, too.

> Bill Burns said:

> What exactly IS acceptable pay for technical communicators?

> I'd like to know this as well. I'm not asking anyone to divulge their own
> salaries, but does anyone have information on typical salaries and associated
> job titles for the nation? for a particular region? Anything?

> >From what I'm hearing in my local area, the major companies are drastically
> reducing their pay scales (and getting away with it).

> I'd appreciate any input you can offer.

> eak



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