Re: e-mail or email?

Subject: Re: e-mail or email?
From: Jan Boomsliter <boom -at- CADENCE -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 1995 11:11:59 -0800

(No, she didn't. She asked the questions, she didn't say, "In my book
... (with E ....)")

What is the purpose of the hyphen? neither "e" nor "mail" are
abbreviations. I submit that this is a new term, like "fax," and
that it should be written "email." No reason for anything else.

> Jan Boomsliter asked--
> What book? Why capitalize? What is the hyphen for?
> In my book of proper grammer & word usage, it's E-mail (with E capitalized)

IMO, the hyphen is there because e-mail is an abbreviation for
two separate words.

Also IMO, capitalizing it is hogwash.

If the trend went toward omitting the hyphen (email), I would
probably be able to live with that. But I see no logical reason
at all for capitalizing any part of it (unless of course it
begins a sentence, in which case the e would be capitalized).

Beverly Parks :)
bparks -at- huachuca-emh1 -dot- army -dot- mil

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