Pre-Press and so on, part 2.

Subject: Pre-Press and so on, part 2.
From: Harold Henke <hessian -at- VNET -dot- IBM -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 1995 13:24:18 MST

It is a very good idea to ask your printer's pre-press department to
give you a copy of the printer driver they are using. This helps ensure
fidelity between their press and your output. But if you are printing more
than one color, chances are a printer pre-press operation will want your
source files, and chances are they will use one of the major desktop
publishing applications.

The gist of this is if you want to save money, make sure you work with
a printer who can do electronic pre-press and make sure you all are using
a common printer driver and desktop application. (When I visited a printer's
pre-press operation last week, a company had submitted a print job with
an elaborate logo. The logo was "jagged" and the printer called the customer
to ask if that was the effect the customer wanted. The customer said no that
they had contracted the logo design out. So the printer's graphic artist
used their desktop publishing system and removed the "jaggies". This saved
the customer some money because otherwise the customer would have had to
redo the art, send the art in, have the art "stripped in" the plate. All
while the meter was running. The people who prepare the plates are paid
very well to strip stuff in and out.)

Harold Henke
Pennant, The IBM Printing System
Boulder, CO

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