Re: FrameMaker: "obvious choice" redux

Subject: Re: FrameMaker: "obvious choice" redux
From: Steve Fouts <sfouts -at- ELLISON -dot- SC -dot- TI -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 1995 14:02:05 CST

Patrick Brian O'Connell sayeth unto the list:

|} It's a Microsoftian paradox: Frame's the only game in town / no competition
|} when it comes to long technical documents. Well, almost, but given what
|} I've heard about Interleaf I'm going to steer well clear of it whenever
|} possible.

Sigh. I'm an Interleaf user. I see an awful lot of Interleaf bashing,
and frankly, I'm perplexed. I know people who wouldn't know Interleaf
6 from a can of franks -n- beans who tell me we should switch to

I have evaluated Frame a couple times and found it to be first runner
up in most categories. So what's the beef against Interleaf? It's bigger,
it costs more, it's more powerful, it requires more hardware and more
training to run it. None of this should be a surprise to anyone.

You should evaluate what you are doing and determine whether the
additional investment would be a wise one in your case. I mean, if
you pick Frame 'cuz Bob in accounting has Frame and loves it then
you're sheep. Herd creatures. Followers. You buy stuff you don't
need with money you don't have to impress people you don't like.

I've worked for a couple of companies where I think that Frame would
be a more than sufficient tool. That is not the case where I work now.
You _should_ be able to make the same statement.
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