A little off the subject, but a great resource

Subject: A little off the subject, but a great resource
From: "Bob Lord, DTN 522-6614," <lord -at- CXCAD -dot- ENET -dot- DEC -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 1995 14:16:57 PST

Hi all,
This is not directly related to tech writing, but it's such a great resource for
all of us who use the Internet that I thought I'd post it. Patrick Crispen's
come up with a FREE, easy-to-take, online tutorial for using the network. In a
series of half-hour lessons, all done via email, he covers the bulk of what you
need to know to do writing research, transfer documents among sites, and
communicate effectively using the net. Beats reading a book, and the price is
right. Hope it's of use to some of you.



Bob Lord
Contract Information Designer
Digital Equipment Corporation "Over the LAN, through the WAN,
LORD -at- CXCAD -dot- ENET -dot- DEC -dot- COM nothin' but Net!"

ROADMAP on LISTSERV -at- UA1VM -dot- UA -dot- EDU

The Roadmap workshop is back with a FOURTH session! Since the first
three Roadmap workshop sessions were so popular -- over 62,000 people
from 77 different countries participated -- I've decided to repeat
the workshop one more time for those of you who missed it last fall.

Roadmap is a FREE Internet training workshop open to anyone who
wishes to subscribe. The entire Roadmap workshop will take place
on the ROADMAP list (ROADMAP is a distribution list, not a discussion

The Roadmap workshop sessions will cover: E-mail; Listservs,
Majordomo, Listproc and other distribution systems; Usenet; FTP;
Archie; Gopher; Veronica; Address Searches; WWW; and many
other topics. As a number of ROADMAP subscribers only have e-mail
access, the Roadmap workshop will also teach how to access many
Internet tools (FTP, Archie, Gopher, etc.) using E-mail.

The fourth Roadmap for the Information Superhighway workshop will
begin on February 9, 1995 and will end on March 17, 1995 (St. Patrick's
Day) :) Workshop participants will be e-mailed one lesson each week-day
during this period.

To subscribe to Roadmap, please send an e-mail letter to

LISTSERV -at- UA1VM -dot- UA -dot- EDU

which says

SUBSCRIBE ROADMAP Yourfirstname Yourlastname

in the body of your letter, replacing Yourfirstname and Yourlastname
with your first and last names (*note: simply replying to this letter
will *NOT* subscribe you to the ROADMAP list -- you must send a new
letter to LISTSERV -at- UA1VM -dot- UA -dot- EDU to subscribe*)

For example, if you were multi-billionare software magnate Bill Gates,
you would put


in the body of your letter to LISTSERV -at- UA1VM -dot- UA -dot- EDU

Owner: Patrick Douglas Crispen <PCRISPE1 -at- UA1VM -dot- UA -dot- EDU>

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provided by the original submitter. We do NOT verify the technical
accuracy nor any claims made in the announcements nor do we
necessarily agree with them. We do not warranty or guarantee any
services which might be announced - use at your own risk. For more
information send e-mail to LISTSERV -at- VM1 -dot- NoDak -dot- EDU with the command
GET NEW-LIST README in the body. mgh

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