Re: Paperless--BAH!

Subject: Re: Paperless--BAH!
From: Timothy Schablin <timothy -at- ESKIMO -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 1995 09:34:21 -0800

O.K. so say we all go paperless. Lets say you buy a new lawn mower and
the assembly instructions are on disk. Are you going to assemble it in
the house next to your computer, or bring your computer outside?

On Thu, 26 Jan 1995, Paul R. Sawyer wrote:

> Dr. Davidson brings up some very good points, but I think he is far from on
> target.

> 1--Paper is permanent? I don't think so. My financee's father's house
> burned and he lost all of his paper documents. Paper yellows and
> disintergrates with age, and once the process has started, it is almost
> impossible to retard. I would much rather fire up diskcopy and back up my
> disks when they start to age.

> 2--Paper in the legal system. There is no reason to think that the laws
> will not evolve with culture. If Davidson would remember, deals used to be
> finalized with a handshake and someone's word. That evolved into a
> signature and I see no reason why the evolution should stop.

> 3--Paper is a publishing tradition? Tell that to the editors of magazines
> that have gone on line--from Time to CycleWorld.

> 4--Paper is how we teach? I, for one, am teaching a intro to tech writing
> class that is almost entirely paperless. My students enjoy it, and I think
> they will benefit from the experience.

> So, I think paperless is the way to go. It will be a long time coming, but
> we will be there.

> --Paul

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