Re: Thanks! Car. Long.

Subject: Re: Thanks! Car. Long.
From: Sue Heim <SUE -at- RIS -dot- RISINC -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 1995 10:53:06 PST

Shelly LaRock wrote that the gentleman who first stressed her out
about career longevity stated that he had 20 years in the business.
Then she went on with:

> This man also said that to be tech writer you don't really
> need a degree and that anyone who likes to write can be
> a tech writer. He said that he doesn't know of any schools
> that even offer a tech writing program, and even if there
> was such a school, the degree isn't necessary.

He may be correct in that you don't really need a degree, but I
disagree that anyone who *likes* to write can be a tech writer! (Boy,
that should have been your first clue that this guy doesn't know what
he's talking about!!)! Liking to write has nothing to do with the
ability to communicate clearly and effectively to the various target
audiences with which we deal!! Obviously, he is also not very au
currant with the amount of education available for tech writers
(granted, we don't have our *own* university, but still...)!

She also said:

> He said that anyone who wants to be a tech
> writer should have some other skills to fall back on,
> since the need for tech writers isn't very high. I
> told him I don't think of tech writing as an income
> subsidizer to babysitting, that it is a high-demanding
> career choice I've made and one that I plan on being
> successful in (without having to work at a taco joint
> on the side).

Good for you!! That was an extremely rude comment of his to make!
Like, what are we doing? Writing in the spare time we have from
selling Avon or Amway products? Hello? Welcome to the real world,
Mister!! I don't need any other skills. This is my career choice

BTW, where was this guy employed? Do you know? I mean, besides
obviously living in a cave! <grin>

Sue Heim
Research Information Systems
Email: Sue -at- ris -dot- risinc -dot- com

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