Subject: MAC Vs. PC
From: Barry West <Barry_West -dot- S2K -at- S2KEXT -dot- S2K -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 1995 08:54:40 EDT

In rebuttal to Arlen's rebuttal:

You response was very cute, but since I'm so stupid perhaps you can enlighten
me with your great wisdom. If there is just as much hardware available on both
platforms and MacIntosh hardware is more compatible; if there is just as much
software on both platforms (except for a few niche markets); if the Mac is very
much easier to use and doesn't result in all of the problems that you get with
a PC, then why do most people buy PCs? I guess that over 80% of the people who
buy personal computers are just plain stupid, like me; not smart like you. Duh!

PS. I'm not so stupid that I can't see that this thread is disintegrating to
pointlessness. I surrender.

Have fun

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