Re: FM4 (Win) and GPFs

Subject: Re: FM4 (Win) and GPFs
From: Grant Hogarth <CGHogarth -at- AOL -dot- COM>
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 1995 16:39:20 -0400

Charles Webster <cwebster -at- IX -dot- NETCOM -dot- COM> posts:

>What are people's experiences wrt the stability of FrameMaker 4.0 for
I have been using FM3/4 for Win since before it first shipped.
(Yes, I used to work there <g>)
The things that I have noticed that will increase the number/frequency of
GPFs are:
Number of fonts loaded, number of printers loaded, number and type of TSRs
loaded, and the settings in your EMM386.exe line. Also the *order* in which
things are loaded may make a difference.

- Keep fonts to a minimum. Use FontMaster, FontSpec, or some
other font manager to load just the fonts you need at the time.
- Load only the printers you need (especially if you have printers that
require different drivers.)
- Load only those TSRs that you need. Network stuff should be loaded
early... not sure why, just seems to work better for me. YMMMV
- In config.sys set the line cointaining EMM386. to use NOEMS
(unless you *have* to have it) and do not use the RAM statement.
Further, try the following:
1) disable EMM386 (and networks), 2) reboot, 3) At the DOS prompt,
type: "debug" (no quotes)and press return, then type "d c800" (zeroes).
If the display shows 00(zeros) or FFs, do nothing. If it shows *ANY*
other characters, note the lines that they occur in, (at left of screen).
repeat this for cc00, d000, d800, dc00, e000, e800, ec00, f000, f800, &
When you are done, type "q" to quit DEBUG.
Take the line numbers you have noted and add them to the EMM386 line
in config.sys. It will look similar to the following:
Device=c:\dos\emm386.exe NOEMS x=c800-c8ff, x=dcbb-dfff
Also, if you have run memmaker, it may show i=b000-b700...this is the
monochrome video space...excluding it as well may reduce your
problem rate.
Once you have done this, re-enable anything you disabled, and you
should be fine!
NOTE: If you make any changes, and you *have* run
memmaker before, you must run it again, as the settings may be invalid.
This procedure excludes any conflict areas between any I/O cards
and hardware device drivers (such as SCSI cards) and EMM386.
- In System.inin, set EMMExclude=mmmm-nnnn (to match the setting
in config.sys), NoEmmDriver=ON, and PageBuffers= at least 32

Hope this helps.

Grant Hogarth
Tech Services Group Manager,
Onyx Graphics Corp.

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