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Subject: Re: List of TechWriting WWW Pages?
Date: 29 Apr 1995 08:14:34 -0400
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>General Techwriting: http://www.io.org?~ksoltys

Thanks for the recommendation, glad you find it useful enough to recommend.
I plan on updating it substantially over the next month or so.

But the URL is actually: http://www.io.org/~ksoltys/

>PS: Anyone have STC's homepage URL? I've lost my note w/ the information.

There are a couple of STC sponsored pages, this got mentioned in a seminar
at the conference last week. But my notes are at work, I'll try to post
a reply next week.

There is now an STC Internet Committee, and I think you'll see more action
on the Internet from the STC in the future. There will be a WWW page for
the Seattle conference, and probably for Toronto too (I hope to help out
with that one).


Keith Soltys -- ksoltys -at- io -dot- org -- http://www.io.org/~ksoltys/
Certainly the game is rigged. Don't let that stop you;
if you dont' bet, you can't win. --Robert A. Heinliein

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