Y2K Comments

Subject: Y2K Comments
From: Robert Maxey <Bob_Maxey -at- MTN -dot- 3COM -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 12:46:06 -0700

First, the so called Y2K "Bug" is not a bug. I really hate this description
of the issue. It is not a bug, it is an inability of many computers to
display dates the way we humans wish them to be displayed. You can't say a
system has a bug if it is simply doing what it was designed to do. In fact,
when the year changes, the date on most computers will change to 00. This
is what the computer is supposed to do. Why is this so hard for so many
people to understand?

Again, the Y2K bug is NOT a bug! Your computer will use '00, which is what
it is supposed to do.

Systems go down all the time, and most problems we never hear of. For most
systems, the date change will not affect us in the slightest. Set your
personal computer date to '00 and live with it for a week. Very few
problems will be the result, and all you will be required to do is change
it back. Your bank's computer has gone down, the Social Security
Administration has had its problems, Air Traffic systems go down, as do
Reactors, and on and on and on. Trust me on this, computers that are
actually down are worse off than computers with a date that says January
01, 0000.

I do agree with the post that suggested the problem will be with people who
think the end is near and will panic. I will also agree that there might be
a few glitches that cause minor problems, but there will not be the level
of doom and gloom the public is expecting.

Bob Maxey

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