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Subject: Re: screen dumps in books
From: John Posada <john -at- TDANDW -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 16:08:54 -0500're not going to win them all, and in fact, it's sometimers better to
let them have one once in a while.

I happen to think that screen shots are more good than bad and I don't have a
problem of including them, infact, I encourage it.

We also have on our Frame Reference pages a collection of templates (black on
white, white on spot color, etc.) for our character-based screens. When we want
to include a screen, we open the Reference Page, select the appropriate screen
template, copy to clipboard and paste it on the body page. I know that this
isn't the conventional way to select from a Frame Reference page, but it works
for us. It makes the Reference page part reference and part template library.

Brierley, Sean wrote:

> Thanks.
> >>>The important part of your question, however, is how to get this
> >>>across to "programming" -- somehow, you've gotten yourself into a
> >>>situation where you are not viewed as the expert. You need to
> >>>establish yourself as the authority here, otherwise "programming"
> >>>is going to walk all over you.
> Yes. I agree. I have been here maybe eight weeks. This situation, I
> believe, was made for me. I address some of these issues by asking
> "programming" questions like "why do you think that?" After
> "programming" pauses for an extended period, as they do, I explain why I
> have a different view. This, I notice, has caused some chin dropping.
> However, I really do not want to be entirely antagonistic. I haven't yet
> offered an opinion on their programming, structure, or code.

NNNNNOOOOO!!!!! this only as a last resort.

> If anyone else has advice on helping me turn this corner, I'd appreciate
> it. Yes, I have bought beers for key programmers and do participate in a
> network game or two at lunch--as well as table tennis, which is where I
> schmooze "Sysop."

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