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Subject: Re: Ethics and Semicolons
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Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 07:44:51 -0400

Your comment hit home. I work on the other side, as a system consultant. The
ripple effect from this type of purchasing is quite large. Throughout the US
every medical provider invests in some sort of solution that promises to fix

There is an absence of instruction or documentation with the system. What is
available is incomplete and out-of-date. Implementation requires on-site
training, and the material presented is less than acceptable in my opinion.

I've recommended several options for such out-of-date systems. Sometimes I
get to install a class machine. I think this is why I can't get the provider
company to return calls. When I put in a solution it is paid for, under
warranty, and so forth. When the provider sends a PC it is not secured,
obviously out-of-date, costs more up front, and there is a charge each month
for "maintenance."

And the client still needs local support, as tech support from 3000 miles
away is slow to arrive, costly, and not satisfactory.

I wouldn't fret too much about it. On the other end people complain about
the product, but do little to change direction.

I also encourage you to do the best that you can. I've labored on that end
too. I think it prepares you for life on the other end!

Ed Wurster
Consulting, Programming and Maintenance
for Computer Systems and Networks
Training, Technical Writing and Web Design

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Subject: Ethics and Semicolons

Before you all ride off on your ethical high horses, let me tell you about
the company I work for. They produce medical billing software. They charge
upwards of 20k a pop, including hardware – which clients MUST buy from us.

Our latest product was rushed out the door to keep up with competitors.
Minimally you would expect it to be able to print or submit claims
It can’t - too many bugs. Our salesmen out and out lie to current
telling them that they have to buy this new version or they won’t be HIPAA
compliant. We sell used equipment as new. They take the PC’s off our desks
and a
guy in HW cleans them up and puts them in their original packaging.

This lack of ethics repulses me. I nearly become physically sick when I
about it. But it’s a paycheck and a pretty good one at that, considering
times we are in.

Semicolons – Geez, you people obsess about the silliest things. Lighten
You take yourselves way too seriously.



Ethics and Semicolons: From: GGNYR

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