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Subject: RE: Conferences in the early 21st Century
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Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 15:49:58 -0500

My point was that the economy was better five years ago, which is when
some conferences were planned, and back then, people may have preferred
a cool location.

Our users realize that if they do bring a spouse, they will not be
spending a lot of time together, although my company does plan an
activity which spouses can attend, and it's usually less than $50 per
couple. In my experience, spouses may come along because the conference
is Wed - Fri and then they spend the weekend in the location, and that
might constitute their "vacation". At least this is the trend I've
noticed over the past three years with our users.

I would have stayed at a conference location on a couple of different
occasions if I did not already have other obligations. I also don't
typically attend conferences as a user, but as a vendor, and that may
indeed skew my viewpoint a little. Were I going to a conference to
learn, I'd be there to learn, and I doubt I'd care where it is. Every
other week I travel for my job. The only difference between San Juan,
Seattle, Joplin, or Davenport, is the length of the flight, because all
I see anyway is the airport, the hotel, and the school.

Anita Lewis
Project Manager
Three Rivers Systems, Inc.

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Subject: RE: Conferences in the early 21st Century

> I can tell you from experience in conference
> planning and attending that
> many of these types of conferences and their
> locations are planned three
> to five years in advance.

But that's because you're "competing" for a good
location, right? Well, I'm arguing that the criteria
(for a few people I've heard from already) is no
longer "a cool place" but "a affordable place".

> Also, a lot of
> people use the conference as a "vacation" and bring
> spouses, etc.

Hmmm. I tried that once. Not only did my wife and I
spend very little time together, but it was stressful.
Plus, we only did it because she could drive to where
I was and room cost was same for one or two people.

What's important to you in a conference? Location? Or knowledge?

I could give 2 toots about the location and the
surrounding attractions. I'm there to learn. Funny
thing, that's the same viewpoint my employer has.

Goober Writer
(because life is too short to be inept)

"As soon as you hear the phrase "studies show",
immediately put a hand on your wallet and cover your groin."
-- Geoff Hart

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