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Subject: Health insurance
From: RoseRead -at- AOL -dot- COM
Date: Sun, 1 Jan 1995 01:23:09 -0500


I'm sorry, but I am taking strong, strong exception to your stated views on
President Clinton. For those of you who are now asking what this has to do
with the techwriter's list, just ask yourself how secure you would feel
striking out as a free lancer. If this isnt an issue for you, go on to the
next post.

I work in the health care industry as a dweeb. I have benefits...but I'm
still hesitant to go for my yearly exam because my plan doesn't cover

Just what the heck are you afraid of with Clinton? That he wants people to
be able to gain access to health care before they become catastrophic
write-offs in private industry? we *already* pay for that, in premiums and
in converage denial. The government has less of a stake in the greed machine
(i.e. profit, and I see plenty of that machine) than the pharmaceuticals, the
insurance industry, or private practitioners. How close are you to the
health care industry? how close are you to government? just how do you back
up the statements you make against the President?

I am so tired of vacuous, unsubstantiated arguments such as "My health is too
important to be entrusted to the government. Bureaucrats consistently screw
up. They don't care."

You don't know what you're talking about. I currently work for a person on
staff at the National Institutes of Health, not being paid, who is continuing
his research in treating cancer at no charge to the government. He formerly
headed the ROB at NCI. There are people in medicine who care deeply about
people getting well, and a lot of those people are connected with the
government. And they want their treatments to help people, and be available
to them. Insert at this point "The Insurance Industry"

You tell me who doesn't care.

Rose Read

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