Re: TOC for Two Volumes

Subject: Re: TOC for Two Volumes
From: Marc Santacroce <santa -at- TFS -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 1995 12:17:32 -0800

I'm a little confused. do you need a List of Figures, or a Table of Contents?

Whechever format you decide upon, the user needs to know which volume
contains the diagram he/she needs. So, you definitiely need a TOC/LOF in
each volume that at the minimum lists figures by category or gives a 1st
level head TOC for both volumes. IMHO, I think each volume also needs a
detailed TOC/LOF of what's in that volume.
At 10:40 AM 1/10/95 -0500, Kelly Burhenne wrote:
>Text item: Text_1

> To all:

> Help! I need some advice. I have two volumes of schematics. I am
> having a hard time deciding how to go about the table of contents?
> The way I see it, my options are:

> -Put one TOC in Volume I and have Volume II start with page 230 (or
> whatever)
> -Put a TOC in Volume I and put a copy of the same TOC in Volume II
> (Volume II starting with page 230)
> -Treat the Volumes as separate books altogether (Volume II starting
> with page one and having its own TOC)

> Any urgent replies will be greatly appreciated! I need to decide by
> today!!!

> Thanks in advance,

> Kelly Burhenne
> burhennk -at- smtpgw -dot- liebert -dot- com
> Columbus, OH



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