Re: OK, Frame's the obvious c...

Subject: Re: OK, Frame's the obvious c...
From: Grant Hogarth <CGHogarth -at- AOL -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 1995 02:17:56 -0500

Hmm... I use Frame quite a bit on all 3 major platforms.
Right now it's mostly on a 486/DX50 w/16MB of RAM.
It's more than fast enough for me most times. (Generation of a comprehensive
index/TOC for a 300pg manual takes a bit of time, but not *that* much.

The only thing that I find annoyingly slow is when I have to open a page with
an embedded graphic. When I'm just doing text entry I get around this by
turning off the graphics (View>Options).

As far as Pat's complaint about non-standard shortcuts, I'll have to pass. I
learned Frame on a sparc, and it is very nice having all (or at least *most*)
of my old emacs commands still work. It's all a matter of preferences. Ditto
the extended character set. (I have a lookup table next to my monitor, and
just use the Alt-" combinations.)

On the other hand, some of the things, even in short documents, that make
Frame shine are dynamic Step numbereing (including sub-steps!), a truly
useful search-and-replace function, and global updating, none of which is
available in Word (I have 6... I mostly use it to port docs to other groups).

As far as change bars.... they *are* available in Frame, but I will admit
that they need some work (Try removing the change bars from just 1 paragraph
or section. --it can be done, but it's *ugly*) I would love to have double
bars.. one set for text changes and one for formatting changes.

Grant Hogarth

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