From: Heilan Yvette Grimes <HEP2 -at- AOL -dot- COM>
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 1995 22:44:10 -0500

>My net-shy colleague claims that he has repeatedly lost changes made to
>WordPerfect 5.1 documents. He'll make a change, save the doc, print it --
>the printed copy does not have the change in it. This is with 20-30 page
>with only a few font changes -- nothing all that challenging, one wouldn't
>think. The hardware is a Compaq 486/66 with 8 MB RAM and 250MB hard drive,
>nowhere near full, printing to an HP II. I am not sure if he has tried
>closing, re-opening, and printing -- but of course you shouldn't have to do
>that. (Even printing without saving at all should print what's in the
>buffer, right?) This has happened a number of times in a short period after
>was alerted to the problem, so it's not just fatigue.

>Any ideas?

I don't know if your version of WordPerfect has a fastsave feature like the
one in Word, but if it does, that might be your problem. Any program that
does fastsaves is not actually incorporating the changes yet, but keeping
them separate, although they show up in the document. When you do an actual
final save the changes are incorporated in the document. The purpose of
fastsave is to avoid a long wait each time you save if you have a long
document and a lot of changes (it can take a while to save a document in Word
under these circumstances--hence the fastsave feature). If there is a
fastsave option, turn it off. The fastsave section can become corrupted and
your changes will be lost. And if your system crashes while you're working on
a document you might loose all your changes.--Yvette

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