Ads on Internet...

Subject: Ads on Internet...
From: Lisa Steinberg <aa075 -at- SEORF -dot- OHIOU -dot- EDU>
Date: Sun, 22 Jan 1995 13:17:35 -0500

It is really a sad thought, but unavoidable. Get ready for mass amounts
of junk-email. At least a company won't kill a small forest in its effort
to get the word out about its products... And like someone else
mentioned, we can always send the offending piece of mail back to the
sender and fill-up their box with junk, too! :)

The way I see it, if the product(s) being advertized on a particular list
relate to that list, it is OK. All this puritanical talk about
"net-etiquette" (something most folks ignore anyway) will eventually
stiffle the very potential in the Info Highway. If we are to become a
completely (or almost completely) electronic world, it just stands to
reason that we will begin to receive the same paper-items in electronic
form. Especially as the technology becomes more accessable and easier to use.

Anyway, that was my $0.02 worth.

p.s. Quit flaming the original instigator of this thread...I don't mind
hearing about upcoming videos and it sounds like most of the other folks
don't mind either. I get more annoyed at the never-ending discussions
about specific grammar or word usage--talk about beating a dead
horse--than I do about unsolicited mail (electronic or otherwise)!

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