Mac-to-PC Conversion

Subject: Mac-to-PC Conversion
From: Kelly Burhenne <burhennk -at- SMTPGW -dot- LIEBERT -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 1995 11:49:52 EST

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1. What if there isn't a DOS mounter?

The problem here is essentially a hardware one. RTF is an ASCII-based
format: that is, all the characters in an RTF file are in the ASCII
character set, which all computers can read. The trouble is that a Mac
won't normally accept and read the contents of a DOS floppy disk, so
either special hardware (a DOS mounter) or other means are necessary
to transfer the information. This can be done: a) via a serial cable
if the computers are in the same room; b) via a network connection if
the computers are in the same building; c) via modems if the computers
are both equipped with them and can be on at the same time; d) via the
Internet if c) is not possible. All of these will require
communications software and cables, etc. Method d) will require a
storage area on the Net that both computers can access via binary ftp.

Another potential problem: in an RTF files the fonts used are
identified by name - but the Mac may not have fonts with the same name
installed. This may require some global changes to font names when the
file gets into Mac format.

2. Also, what if a customer with a Macintosh wants to send you their
project on a disk instead of a printed manuscript?

Although it's theoretically possible to index directly from a file on
disk, in practice it seems to be very messy - what about all the
illustrations, blank pages, etc? - so you're probably better off
getting a final copy of the manuscript printed out for indexing
purposes. Then you can use highlighting pens with gay abandon instead
of fiddling around making selections with the mouse.

If that's not possible then all the above applies: just get your
client to save the manuscript file in RTF format before they send it

3 . Does anyone have any experience with programs that convert the
files? A software supplier suggested a program called Conversion Plus,
but wasn't sure exactly what it would do.

As discussed above, the problem is not with file conversion but with
file transfer between different machines.

Hope this helps - I'll post a copy to the listserver as well. Good

Jonathan Jermey & Glenda Browne
Blaxland NSW (047) 398-199

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