Re: Brochure creation software

Subject: Re: Brochure creation software
From: David Colbert <dlcolb -at- CLARK -dot- NET>
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 1995 20:14:37 -0500


I have used FrameMaker and PageMaker to generate brochures. Either works
well. One printer I work with suggests using .5-inch margins because the
math is simpler as you set up the brochure. Hmm. Could there have been a
subtle inference there?

If it is a six-panel tri-fold and you are using Frame, I hope you are very
comfortable with text flows. The first time I tried, I became very
bi-lingual until my daughter wandered into the room.

To generate sales....keep your eyes open. As you go places, pick up
brochures you find attractive. If it captures your attention (and you
wouldn't to deal with people just like you ;-)), go with it. Show it to a
few people whose opinions you value. Invest in 2-color printing.

Good luck.
Dave Colbert

P.S. I just saw RoMaye's post and agree with most of her suggestions. Unless
you use a pre-printed product (such as those by Paper Direct, among others),
you may find the cost of a Rolodex card a bit steep. I just priced it for a
client and the die for the card was $90 to create. That didn't include the
cutting and folding. On the other hand, the pre-printed products are not
inexpensive and their punch-out Rolodex and business cards are a little too
flimsy to be taken seriously.

At 04:39 PM 1/25/95 -0500, Laurie Rubin wrote:
>What software do you recommend to create a brochure? I have Word 6.0
>and FrameMaker 4 on a PC. I found only one brochure template with Word,
>and nothing with FrameMaker. Any suggestions, including use these in
>other ways, or other software (such as, QuarkExpress or PrintShop)?

>Any recommendations on creating a brochure that will generate sales (the
>product is new training equipment for martial arts, startup company)?

>For those who created brochures from your own bank account, do you recommend
>doing the work first and then giving it over to a printer to make glossies, or
>just give ideas and have the printer do all the work?

>Laurie Rubin
>lmr -at- syl -dot- nj -dot- nec -dot- com

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