Medical Tech Writing - Summary of Replies

Subject: Medical Tech Writing - Summary of Replies
From: Rose Wilcox <RWILC -at- FAST -dot- DOT -dot- STATE -dot- AZ -dot- US>
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 17:25:00 PDT

Here is a summary of replies I received to my query regarding
my sister who wants to move from a career as a medical
technologist to one as a medical technical writer.
Thanks to Ron, Kathy Kearney Moore, Hal, Nancy S. Burns,
laughton%alloy -dot- bitnet -at- pucc -dot- princeton -dot- edu, and Mike Uhl.

*********American Medical Writers Association
Most of the replies referred me to this association:
They have local chapters, which offer networking opportunities.
This organization has a membership of over 4000.
The national chapter has a monthly newsletter complete with
job leads and a yearly conference.
It costs $70 per year to belong. You can request a
packet of information by e-mailing or snail-mailing;
my sister has already received hers.

Contact them at (301) 493-0003.
American Medical Writers Association
9650 Rockville Pike,
Bethesda, MD 20814.
Their e-mail address is amwa -at- amwa -dot- org
(The above address is the one I tried.)
Another e-mail address was listed, but I
didn't try this one:
amwa -at- cais -dot- cais -dot- com
Contact: Sharron Endriss
AMWA Membership

************Hal asks: BTW, what might a medical technologist be?
A medical technologist looks under the microscope and identifies
from blood and other human tissue samples just exactly what beasties
are lurking there. At least that's what my sis does. It was a 5-year

**********Look for doctors, nurses, and pharmacists who want to be published
Hal also suggested looking for medical professionals who
wanted to be published and to analyze medical journals for the types
of articles that get published and who is doing the writing, etc.

**********Medical Writers in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Mike Uhl explained that
"medical writers" in the pharmaceutical industry are a
distinct group with different responsibilities from tech writers.

Medical writers assist statisticians, clinical directors, and
other managers in the writing and management of new drug applications
(NDAs), conference papers/abstracts, FDA advisory documents,
and other documents critical to drug approval. Medical
writers must be educated in pharmacy or life sciences.

I'm passing your replies along to my sister. I thank you,
my sister thanks you, my mother thanks you, etc., etc.
Rosie (NorthCrowe)
rwilc -at- fast -dot- dot -dot- state -dot- az -dot- us
ncrowe -at- primenet -dot- com
Whistler's Law:
You never know who is right, but you always know who is in charge.
- the above quotation stolen from another's .sig

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