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Subject: Re: Mac Advice
From: John San Filippo <johnsf -at- CTS -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 1995 21:17:38 -0700

>I need some advice. I will be starting a new job soon in which I will be
>using a Mac (not my choice), and my manager has asked me to select whatever
>software I will need to document a PC-based application that runs under
>OS/2. I am currently using Word and Ventura on a PC. I know absolutely
>nothing about Macs and what runs on them, other than that Word runs on a

Do you know what kind of Mac you'll be using? If it's a PowerMac, you can
get an emulation program called SoftWindows that will let you run a PC in a
Mac window. I've never heard of anyone using OS/2 with SoftWindows, so I
can't say whether that would present a problem. If you have a PowerMac
6100, you can get a DOS compatibility card from Apple that puts an Intel
486 CPU on an expansion card so that you truly run both systems
simultaneously. Similar cards are also available from a third party company
(I believe Rely or something like that) for the entire Quadra line. In all
of these cases, the clipboard can be handed back and forth between the two
systems very easily. I wrote a Windows manual on my Mac in this way, and it
worked very well.

If none of these are feasible, I'd beg for the PC.

John San Filippo

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