Re: Should TechWriters know Mac or PC?

Subject: Re: Should TechWriters know Mac or PC?
From: Lisa Gray Larsen <lisagl -at- DTINT -dot- DTINT -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 1995 17:15:16 -0600

Tracy Speer wrote:

>what type of computers technical writers use
>I'm wondering if I should develop my PC skills prior to graduation.
>What hardware and software do your companies provide?
>What computer brand do you feel more comfortable using at home and at work?
>What computer do tech writers use most often, Macs or PCs?
>Is either the PC or the Mac more appropriate for creating on-line

I currently use a Mac at work, and if I had my way, it's all I would ever
use. However, software companies and markets being what they are, DOS and
Windows are very popular, and I think you would be very wise to learn the
basics of those too. Not knowing Windows could shut you out of a lot of job

I used to write for WordPerfect, and I was one of the few Mac-users there.
(As of last year, about 5% of their writers used Macintosh.) While I was
there, I wrote for Mac, DOS, and Windows products. Later, I wrote for a
company in Salt Lake--Windows only, and I'm now in Provo with a company
that uses only Macs (which is part of the reason I decided to work for
them). Their software uses Mac workstations and UNIX servers, and all the
documentation is written on Macs. I've done both printed and online
documentation on both Macs and PCs.

It's normal for people to prefer what they are familiar with, but don't
limit yourself. If your college doesn't offer one, you can probably find a
community ed. class to help you learn Windows. (Or even just a friend with
a PC and a couple good books).

Good luck.

Lisa Gray Larsen lisagl -at- dtint -dot- dtint -dot- com
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