Re: Eyeburn (a job hazard)

Subject: Re: Eyeburn (a job hazard)
From: Sue Heim <SUE -at- RIS -dot- RISINC -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 1995 09:43:06 PST

Bev Parks wanted clarification of Valerie's question:

> Could you please describe what you mean by eyeburn. Are you
> talking about eye strain? Are there visible symptoms when you
> look in the mirror?

My eye doctor says that the burning sensation that I sometimes
experience is due to dry eyes. He recommends using "wet tears"
(*not* Visine) on occasion. The dry eye syndrome is caused by a
number of things -- not blinking often enough, HVAC systems in
office buildings, and fluorescent lighting. My dr. recommended that
I look away from my computer screen every so often (10 minutes or
so). He also mentioned that, had I the need to wear glasses, he
would add a slight rose-color tint (this is to reduce the effects of
fluorescent lights). He also claims this is one of the hazards of my
job, since writing seems to involve a lot of work on computers.

...sue "who does *not* wear glasses or contacts"
Sue Heim
Research Information Systems
Email: Sue -at- ris -dot- risinc -dot- com

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