Re: Undocumented Procedures

Subject: Re: Undocumented Procedures
From: MasterWork Kat Nagel <katnagel -at- EZNET -dot- NET>
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 1995 16:38:07 -0400

>I think I need a sanity check. I'm going around in circles in a dis-


>The boss is all hot on getting the Level 1 & 2 book out, and has ini-
>tiated work on the Level 4 book. But the Level 3 stuff is being
>intentionally back-burnered. We probably won't issue a level 3
>book until at least 6 months (maybe longer) after the software
>release. The level 3 procedures total about 265 out of those 525

> (snip)

>So, what's the Techwhirler's reactions?

Rick, YOU are NOT the one that needs a sanity check!

Here's MY reaction:

You say I'll only need those Level 3 procedures once or twice a year? But
I need THIS procedure NOW. And I'll probably want to use THAT one next

Wait just a minute... 265/525 = approx 1/2 of the procedures, right?

You're going to sell me a product and only tell me how to use HALF of it?
Fine. Then I'll PAY you for the HALF you document.

The undocumented stuff is useless, after all. Why should I pay you to keep
your stuff a secret? When you tell me how to use the rest of the
procedures --- in 6 months, you say? --- I'll consider paying you the rest
of the money. Minus the $$$ for my lost productivity during that 6 months,
of course. Hmm. Looks like a negative number to me.

Better yet, I'll just buy a product that comes with complete documentation
in the first place.


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