Re: A Good Word for Word 6

Subject: Re: A Good Word for Word 6
From: Jane Bergen <janeb -at- IX -dot- NETCOM -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 1995 20:36:01 -0700

John Renish wrote:

>You must have *very* simple formatting. We routinely have major problems
>with documents less than half that long. Besides frequent crashes, we have
>the joy of spooling for over an hour for 12 minutes of printing on an HP
>LJIII, errors in finding bookmarks, dead slow performance on a 486-33,
>inability to save after one small text change (Word sometimes apparently
>makes the computer think the file is infinite in size), out of memory after
>one small text change in a header or footer, loss of style functions, and
>other bad things. I cannot recommend this product for larger projects,
>period. The only really good thing about Word 6.0 under Windows is that it's
>faster than Word 6.0 on a Mac. As for usability, our group intends to keep
>Word with greatly simplified templates as the standard for casual writers,
>but the professionals will be using something more robust.

>John -dot- Renish -at- conner -dot- com
>My statements are my own and do not represent Conner Peripherals, Inc.
>Original Text
(stuff deleted)

>Going to Word is a good move. Higher-end desktop publishing packages are
>terrific. But for a wider company audience, they make your documents more
>difficult to access.

>Richard Davenport
>RKDaven -at- aol -dot- com
>Rockville, MD

You know, I've heard so much Word-bashing and it's usually from people
who are using Word 6.0a. I had some of the same problems and I switched
to FrameMaker. Biggest mistake of my life! I hate that program! It takes
twice as long to do anything in Frame that I can do in Word. I consistently
fought font and printer battles, and when using the "book" feature, you
cannot easily edit the entire document. You have to open every chapter.
After a while, your chapters have a lot of inconsistencies.

Then we started using Doc-to-Help which requires Word. So I then got
Word 6.0c (which is FREE to registered users), and I have not had any
problems since. Word is not perfect (excuse the pun there), but it is
better than WordPerfect or AmiPro (about to release a new version,
WordPro) - - and I have used those products extensively.

I don't mean to start a holy war, but Word gets a lot of undeserved
flack. You do have to learn the "tricks" - - true of any
word processor (probably even Frame, though I admit that grudgingly!)
to really master it.

Janie Bergen

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