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Subject: Re: Word questions
From: "Jane Bergen" <jbergen1 -at- earthlink -dot- net>
To: "Techwr-L List" <TECHWR-L -at- lists -dot- raycomm -dot- com>, "Stewart, Brenda" <BStewart -at- outreachtech -dot- com>
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 1999 09:19:25 -0500

Hi, Brenda,

Word's autonumbering is hopelessly screwed up since the Word 95
version...beginning with Word 97 and through Word 2000, it's been
broken. I think a search of the archives will show you how often we've
discussed this stupid and intolerable situation. I just truly cannot
understand how or why the programmers at Microsoft cannot fix this
thing! Grrr.

But back to your styles, Word is actually doing exactly what you are
telling it to do. Word has no idea (to anthromorphize for illustration
here) that you intended Step 1 and Step to be related. So, when in the
second set of instructions, you use Step, it does as it is "supposed"
to do and that is to simply continue from the last instance of that

I can tell you what I've done (as have many on this list), and that is
simply to manually number steps. You really only need to number the
first step, as Word will kick in with the rest of the list
automatically. That is, I type the number 1, followed by a tab,
followed by typing. When I press Enter, Word automatically numbers the
next paragraph with the number 2 and changes the #1 paragraph to a
hanging indent. When you're done with that numbered list, change the
last paragraph back to the Body Text style (or whatever you are using
for non-numbered text). It's a pain in the butt.... but
it's the simplest solution. Others have offered some pretty complex
workarounds with macros and other hoops of flames. You might look
through the archives.

Jane Bergen

Brenda Stewart wrote:

(some snipping)
> Here's an example of what happens:
> 1. This is the first step. (style is Step1)
> 2. This is the second step. (style is Step)
> 3. This is the third step. (style is Step)
> Body Text
> 1. This is the first step of the next procedure. (style is Step1)
> 4. Thiis is the second step of the next procedure. (style is Step)
> 5. This is the third step of the next procedure. (style is Step)
> The only way I have found to fix this is to go to the second step in
> second procedure. Then go into Format, Bullets and Numbering, and
> to restart the numbering at 2. But, this is not within the style
> formatting. Is there a way within the style to make Word realize
that this
> is a new procedure and that the line with the Step style should be
> with 2 again?

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