Working with a One-Off (I Just need to Vent)

Subject: Working with a One-Off (I Just need to Vent)
From: "J. Ressler" <jressler -at- ewa-denver -dot- com>
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 13:06:33 -0600

Tie this in with the Security Clearance timeliness.

I was tasked with writing the documentation for clearing parts our facility for classified information. This requires working with the local DSS (Defense Security Service) office. I have handed in two submissions for two different Information Systems (IS).
Initially, we were told something along the lines of (complete paraphrasing)

"Download the sample from blah blah, their's is great. Do not tailor the document very much, just make it specific to your location and hand it in."

And so I did. The document came with a PowerPoint presentation walking you step-by-step on what to change, why to change it, and where to change it. It was cool that someone took the time to put that together. The process created a "Master Document" that would allow the addendum to be tailored for each subsequent submittal.
Months later our document was returned with the comment (paraphrasing again)

"Umm, doesn't look like you changed this very much. Why is their a Master Document? This isn't what we want."
So, I went back to the drawing board, and submitted what we believed to be right. And we were, for the most part. The local office sent me redlines and I incorporated them. I returned the document with a summary of changes (by handing it to the person that would review it) for approval. Weeks later when I inquired as to the progress of the approval, I received this:

"Do I get a new copy of the SSP so that I can actually verify that the
changes you claim to have made were actually done or should I just take
your word for it? Sorry I cannot just take your word for it. As for the Natasha SPP it is in the pile with all the others that I and
[xxx] have to review."

Now, I really stewed on this one. She already had the correct document to review, I personally handed it to her. I also provided her with the page number/paragraph number where the changes were made. There were a total of 8 changes in a 30 page document. I politely told her that perhaps I could have been more clear. This really stunk cause I wanted to go "You already have it and you are wasting our time through your incompetence." But I didn't, I bit my tongue and shouldered a bit of the blame in hopes of actually completing the process.
Then, this morning I received redlines from my second IS document submittal. As I looked over the corrections, I calmly walked down to my boss' office and said "She reviewed the wrong copy. She reviewed the preliminary submittal."

The lady reviewed a copy that I sent to her boss at his request as a PRELIMINARY copy. I emailed her a copy, and my boss followed up on three occasions indicating schedule slips because of their timeliness.

What do you do when you have no where else to go? So far, we have taken the blame, and that hurts not only our pride, but our PROFITS! Here is a situation where you are at the their whim, because they can make your work effort a living heck, and your progress next to nil.
If you've made it this far, thanks I guess.

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